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Why is the American Healthcare System So Expensive? Ask the People who Pay for It.

One of the few things Americans of all political stripes can agree on in our 30 year old debate over healthcare is that it’s too expensive. In 2018, healthcare spending in the United States was $10,500 against an OECD average of $3,994. Switzerland, the second highest on the list, came in at...
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America's Information Crisis  | Arjun Moorthy | YDHTY, Episode 53

When Bravo first launched on cable television in 1980, it was a channel dedicated entirely to the fine arts. At the time, the promise of cable was that networks could rely on subscription revenue to drive their business, meaning they could appeal to niche audiences. The major networks, in contrast,...
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Partisan Media: We are All King George | YDHTY, Episode 52

On July 2nd of this year, I celebrated America’s birthday early by driving through 10 of the original 13 colonies with my wife and four kids as we trekked from Boston to a house we rented about an hour south of Tampa, Florida. To add to the authenticity, my kids made sure to take enough bathroom...
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That Person You Disagree with on Social Media | YDHTY, Episode 51

At one point or another, you may have found yourself in an interminably long political debate on social media. Chances are, it was with someone you graduated high school with or an old college buddy posting something you didn’t like on a subject such as climate change or Black Lives Matter. ...
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Third Parties in American Politics | Professor Bernard Tamas | YDHTY, Episode 50

As with our puzzling aversion to the metric system and our lack of enthusiasm for soccer, America’s two party system makes it an outlier in the world. While most democracies have large center-left and center-right parties that garner most of the votes and seats in government, they also have viable...
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New Jersey Redistricting | Helen Kioukis from Fair District's New Jersey | YDHTY, Episode 49

Last week’s episode of YDHTY featured Christian Onuoha, who was undertaking the herculean task of running as a Republican in New Jersey’s 6th congressional district - one of the more heavily gerrymandered districts in one of the more heavily gerrymandered states in the nation. For this week’s...
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Christian Onuoha | Nigerian-American. Millenial. Republican | YDHTY - Episode 48

New Jersey's 6th congressional district is an artfully carved piece of territory that sits like a balloon animal just to the southwest of Staten Island. Whether it's carved that way because Democrats have been the historical majority in that state or whether Democrats have been the historical...
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Is America a Centrally Planned Economy? | YDHTY, Episode 47

Since the end of World War 2, Soviet style communism has served as the antithesis to the freedom and prosperity promised through American capitalism. It's been such an effective boogeyman, that politicians still bring it up, despite the fact it hasn't existed for the past 30 years. Soviet-era...
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Ballot Access Laws | The Party Third parties Run Against | YDHTY, Episode 46

Depending on your partisan bent, Nathaniel Lane, Chair for the Green Party of Ohio, bears many descriptions. To Republicans, he's a socialist, Antifa sympathizing tree-hugger hell bent on destroying the economy with a radical green agenda. To Democrats, he's an embittered idealist hell bent on...
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The North Carolina Congressional Map | Snakes and Strange Bedfellows | YDHTY, Episode 44

Every decade, the North Carolina General Assembly engages in the process of redrawing the boundaries of the state’s congressional districts, as required by law. Going above and beyond the minimum requirements, the majority party has historically engaged in the almost punitive practice of carving...
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