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YDHTY, EPISODE 37: The Stimulus and the National Debt

In June 2019, Republican's passed Donald Trump's signature tax bill, which was widely panned by critics for adding $1 trillion to the federal deficit over 10 years. Last month, in the ultimate "hold my beer" moment, Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill to offset the near nationwide economic...
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The Best Way to Reduce the National Debt: YDHTY, Episode 25 with Tara Sinclair of George Washington University

In this month's series on the national debt, I've come to three conclusions: When governments default, it's really, really bad. When governments choose to divert money away from investing for the future to pay down debt, it's really, really bad. When governments issue debt in the currency they...
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The History of US Debt: You Don't Have to Yell, Episode 22

For many Americans, the national debt is an item that poses serious concerns about the nation’s ability to fund its military, infrastructure, and social programs over the long term. To others, it’s like America’s obesity problem – sure, the number keeps going up and that’s probably not good, but...
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