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Forrest Gump - Confederate Monument | YDHTY, Throwback Episode 27

In February, I kicked off Black History Month speaking with Nikki Brown of the University of Kentucky for episode 27 of YDHTY (full recording below). We began the conversation discussing Forrest Gump - title character of the novel and then film by the same name. In the novel, Gump’s mother explains...
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racial segregation in the north: The struggle in admitting there's a problem.

When I was four years old, my family moved out of the city of Boston proper and into the neighboring suburb of Dedham. There were a number of reasons for the move, but the Boston Busing Crisis - the wave of violence and protests that followed the court ordered integration of Boston’s public schools...
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The End of Slavery in Brazil: For the English to See

“Para inglês ver” (“for the English to see”) is a phrase commonly used in Brazil to describe a tradition of policies designed to make the country seem attractive to foreigners, while not addressing the problem these policies set out to solve on paper. It traces its roots back to a treaty signed...
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