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How the Hell Did We Get Here?: Political Polarization Over Time

It should be a forgone conclusion that political polarization in America has reached an unhealthy level when the end of a presidential election cycle is marked by an angry mob storming the Capitol, the seat of the Senate President being occupied by a shirtless man in a buffalo headdress carrying a...
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How to Improve Health Care and Save $1 Trillion | YDHTY, EPisode 54

In a report on the quality of healthcare across Canada’s provinces and territories, the Conference Board of Canada graded the country’s healthcare system against a number of “peer countries”. The scale started with Sweden, the highest rank, and ended with the United States.As with our love of guns,...
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Christian Onuoha | Nigerian-American. Millenial. Republican | YDHTY - Episode 48

New Jersey's 6th congressional district is an artfully carved piece of territory that sits like a balloon animal just to the southwest of Staten Island. Whether it's carved that way because Democrats have been the historical majority in that state or whether Democrats have been the historical...
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Ballot Access Laws | The Party Third parties Run Against | YDHTY, Episode 46

Depending on your partisan bent, Nathaniel Lane, Chair for the Green Party of Ohio, bears many descriptions. To Republicans, he's a socialist, Antifa sympathizing tree-hugger hell bent on destroying the economy with a radical green agenda. To Democrats, he's an embittered idealist hell bent on...
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Jeff Gregory of the Constitution Party: A Not So Controversial Individual | YDHTY, Episode 45

On October, 7, 1780, Brigadier General Isaac Gregory led a bayonet charge into a numerically superior Loyalist militia in the Battle of Kings Mountain. After a string of humiliating defeats by the British, the battle boosted the morale of Patriot militias, being noted by Thomas Jefferson as the...
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Wacey Alpha Cody | Libertarian Candidate for Texas's 11th DIstrict | YDHTY - Episode 41

At an age when I was asking my mom for guitar lessons, Wacey Alpha Cody - Libertarian candidate for Texas's 11th congressional district - was asking his mom if he could enter the rodeo. Cody paid his way through college riding bucking horses, earning his masters in counseling psychology before...
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