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Wacey Alpha Cody | Libertarian Candidate for Texas's 11th DIstrict | YDHTY - Episode 41

At an age when I was asking my mom for guitar lessons, Wacey Alpha Cody - Libertarian candidate for Texas's 11th congressional district - was asking his mom if he could enter the rodeo. Cody paid his way through college riding bucking horses, earning his masters in counseling psychology before...
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Boats, Helicopters, and Geeks with Clipboards | How Elections run in America | YDHTY, EPisode 40

Genya Coulter, Social Media Program Manager for the US Vote Foundation (twitter @ElectionBabe), describes a good election as "one where you don't end up on the 6 o'clock news." This is probably the reason why many of us live under the assumption that elections in the United States either consist of...
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YDHTY, EPISODE 37: The Stimulus and the National Debt

In June 2019, Republican's passed Donald Trump's signature tax bill, which was widely panned by critics for adding $1 trillion to the federal deficit over 10 years. Last month, in the ultimate "hold my beer" moment, Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill to offset the near nationwide economic...
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YDHTY, Episode 36: The Black Death - Applying Lessons from the 1300s to Today's Economy

Something I’ve harped on in recent episodes of YDHTY is how the current outbreak of COVID-19 is a byproduct of decades of globalization. In the less integrated, less dynamic global economy of 30-40 years ago, what happened in Wuhan stayed in Wuhan. This isn’t the first time this has happened,...
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YDHTY, Episode 35: Molly Michelmore on Taxes and what Donald Duck Does for a Living

Heading into April, You Don't Have to Yell's editorial calendar was set to tackle the issue of taxes - a topic that seemed timely earlier this year. Then the city of Wuhan got everyone so sick that tax day was moved to July - the very month our Founding Fathers declared independence from England in...
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YDHTY, EPisode 34: In Which We Confront a Changed World, Which May or May Not Have Toilet Paper

The intention for the final March episode of You Don’t Have to Yell was to sit down with my good friend and regular guest, Data Monkey Mike, and cap off a month of learning what should be done to improve the quality of public education in America. In an almost laughable twist of irony, said...
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What Makes a Good Public School? It's Not Rocket Science

Americans view public schools in the same way they view members of Congress - they tend to love theirs and hate everyone else's Pete Bylsma, a lifelong educator who’s worked with organizations such as the Gates Foundation and the Superintendent for the State of Washington to define what makes a...
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What's the Rate of Return on Investment in Education? Better than Anything You'd Spend it on.

Ronald Reagan once said the most terrifying words in the English language were, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” For its part, the government does a fair bit to live up to that quote. From a $400 billion plane that can’t fly to a bridge to nowhere to a border wall designed to stop...
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Education during reconstruction: a broken promise and a path forward, YDHTY- Episode 31

When I was about 10, my brother fell and broke his arm during a trust building exercise at summer camp. At this time, it should be noted he has trust issues to this day. Adding insult to both physical and psychological injury, the physician attending to him in the emergency room had to go...
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racial segregation in the north: The struggle in admitting there's a problem.

When I was four years old, my family moved out of the city of Boston proper and into the neighboring suburb of Dedham. There were a number of reasons for the move, but the Boston Busing Crisis - the wave of violence and protests that followed the court ordered integration of Boston’s public schools...
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