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How Declining Interest Rates Make for Rising Populism | YDHTY, S2E47

In the final episode of this season of YDHTY, the Data Monk returns to discuss how easy money policies have created a feedback loop of unsustainable consumption in the United States, contributing to wage stagnation, income inequality, and rising populism. You can listen to the full episode via the...
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Bretton Woods 2.0 - the Case for a New Monetary System | Ben Studebaker | YDHTY, S2E46

As we wind down this season of YDHTY, I invited Ben Studebaker on to review everything we've learned since he sent me down a rabbit hole of monetary policy, commodities markets, and food systems in our last conversation on the war in Ukraine. In this conversation, we discuss how the major domestic...
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podcast politics abortion feminism roe v wade

Pro-Life Feminism and the Fate of Roe v Wade | Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa | YDHTY, S2E45

With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v Wade this month, Dan speaks with Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa of New Wave Feminists, a pro-life organization focused on addressing the social and economic inequalities that make motherhood in America so difficult. In this conversation, we explore the...
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podcast agriculture

Food, Climate CHange, and Political Conflict | Cullen Hendrix | YDHTY, S2E44

What impact do agricultural markets have on political stability today, and how might climate change alter that? In this episode, Dan speaks with Cullen Hendrix, Professor at the University of Denver's Korbel School of International Studies, whose work focuses on the intersection of environment,...
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How Do Police Feel About Gun Control | Jesus "Eddie" Campa | YDHTY, S2E43

The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has left many of us heartbroken and frustrated with a debate that often breaks down along partisan talking points. Suggestions range from a full ban on assault rifles to arming teachers. Left out of the conversation are the law enforcement officers who deal...
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podcast economy

Imported Deflation, Exported Demand: How Debt Fueled Consumption is Eating the World | YDHTY, S2E40

Over the past few episodes of YDHTY, we've been exploring the foundations of the global economy and the powers that drive it. The main focus has been on the role of dollar dominance among global currencies, what forces might diminish its role, and the role debt could play in all of this. Absent...
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podcast national debt economy

The Imperial Dollar: The Price of US Hegemony | Bob SWarup | YDHTY, S2E37

In discussing America's growing economic might in the 1930s, journalist Ludwell Denny wrote, "We shall not make Britain's mistake. Too wise to govern the world, we shall merely own it." In 1944, his prediction came true, as the US dollar was officially made the de facto currency of the world via...
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Redback vs Greenback: China's Plan to Replace the Dollar | Zoe Liu | YDHTY, s2e35

Sanctions have proven a valuable weapon against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, allowing Western nations to cripple the country's economy and target the oligarchs who run it. They've also accelerated a trend to move away from the dollar as the chief currency for international...
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podcast foreign policy russia china ukraine

How Does China View the Ukraine Crisis? | Andrew Small of the German Marshall Fund | YDHTY, s2e32

After Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the sanctions that followed, it began seeking closer ties with China. Recent headlines of Russia requesting military aid from the country have raised suspicions a military and economic alliance may be forming among the world's two most powerful...
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podcast foreign policy russia china ukraine

Russian Politics and Putin's Life or Death Gamble in Ukraine | Ben Studebaker | YDHTY, s2e31

Many of the questions around Russia's invasion of Ukraine have been framed in terms of Putin's mindset and ambitions. Is this the right way to view the conflict, or are we missing the bigger picture? Dan speaks with political theorist, Ben Studebaker, about how Putin maintains power via a mix of...
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