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Segregated By Design: Race and Urban Planning in Dallas | Collin Yarbrough | YDHTY, S2E14

In the prior episode on infrastructure, we discussed how the interstate highway system spawned a migration of businesses to the suburbs, where rent and property were cheaper. This left many lower-income workers in central cities without access to employment or the means to get there. This was...
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Critical Race Theory - What the Polls SAy | Arjun Moorthy | The Factual | YDHTY, S2E7

In the debate over the teaching of critical race theory in America's public schools, the loudest voices are often the ones disrupting school board meetings and promoting weak theories it's part of a neo-Marxist effort to upend American society. Like many involved in this debate, these voices tend...
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Misunderstanding History: What Both Sides Get Wrong About Critical Race Theory | YDHTY, S2E6

The debate around critical race theory in America's public schools seemingly centers around one question: Which version of American history should our children learn? To Amna Khalid, Associate Professor of History at Carleton College, the answer is simple: All of them. In this episode of YDHTY, we...
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What is Critical Race Theory and Why Are We Fighting About It? | Jean Beaman

As schools in the United States reopen, much of the conversation has been centered around mask and vaccine mandates, or a lack thereof. A quieter, yet no less passionate, issue being discussed is the teaching of critical race theory - a subject that has prompted laws in 28 states to be proposed...
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What History Can Tell Us about Police Reform | YDHTY, Ep 95

The murder of George Floyd triggered a nationwide call for police reform that has ranged everywhere from “defund the police” to “reimagine policing”. At their core, the message is that structural elements of our system of law enforcement make black and brown people disproportionately subject to...
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