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How the Crisis at the Southern Border Began in China | Julia Young | S3E11

The US Border Patrol was established in 1924 to monitor America's border with Mexico. While many assume their mission was to regulate the movement of Mexican laborers, their original target were Asians. In this episode, Julia Young of Catholic University discusses how America's immigration laws...
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Abolitionism, National Identity, and the Economics of Slavery | Christopher L. Brown | YDHTY, S3E9

Conventional wisdom in America tells us that increasing democratic freedoms bring about increased prosperity, but what if things actually work the other way around? Prior episodes have shown that the expansion of democracy worldwide coincided with the world transitioning to petroleum as a primary...
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Will the Renminbi Become a World Currency? | Benjamin J. Cohen

In the last episode of YDHTY, we explored China's plan to replace the dollar as the dominant global currency with Zoe Liu of the Council on Foreign Relations. In it, we learned the measures China is taking to internationalize the renminbi and create an economic sphere independent of US influence. ...
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Richard Nixon | Pioneer of Polarization | YDHTY, Episode 99

In the late 1960s, America appeared to be a country coming apart at the seams. The split over the US presence in Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement was disrupting the traditional political coalitions that existed within the Democratic Party and created an opening for the Republicans - a party...
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