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Critical Race Theory - What the Polls SAy | Arjun Moorthy | The Factual | YDHTY, S2E7

In the debate over the teaching of critical race theory in America's public schools, the loudest voices are often the ones disrupting school board meetings and promoting weak theories it's part of a neo-Marxist effort to upend American society. Like many involved in this debate, these voices tend...
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podcast politics education racism critical race theory

Misunderstanding History: What Both Sides Get Wrong About Critical Race Theory | YDHTY, S2E6

The debate around critical race theory in America's public schools seemingly centers around one question: Which version of American history should our children learn? To Amna Khalid, Associate Professor of History at Carleton College, the answer is simple: All of them. In this episode of YDHTY, we...
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