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Vietnam, Iraq, & Afghanistan - How Public Opinion Supports Forever Wars | Arjun Moorthy - The Factual | YDHTY, S2E11

As US troops began their withdrawal from Afghanistan and Americans began to see scenes of Afghans crowding Kabul's airport in an attempt to flee the country and Taliban parading the streets, sometimes in vehicles abandoned by the US military, The Factual ran a series of polls measuring their...
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What Makes a Political Extremist? | Quassim Cassam | YDHTY, s2E10

In the first episode of this series on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a question came up that went to the root of both the events leading up to the 9/11 attacks and instances of domestic extremism in the US today: Why do comfortable people seek purpose in political violence? While the attacks...
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Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Politics of War | Ken Hughes | YDHTY, S2E9

Well before President Biden's decision to follow through on former President Trump's commitment to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, comparisons had been drawn between our efforts in the region and America's second-longest war, Vietnam. The similarities are easy to see. Both lasted roughly...
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The Withdrawal From Afghanistan: A Soldier's Perspective | YDHTY, S2E8

The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan last month has spurred discussions around the purpose of a war many Americans had hadn't talked out since it began 20 years ago. Since August of this year, cable news has dedicated more time to covering the region than in the prior 5 years combined. ...
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