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Steven Hill | Rebuilding America with the Lessons of Europe | YDHTY, EPisode 67

A recurring theme in the last two presidential election cycles has been the concept of bringing America back to a former state of greatness that has since been lost. Whether in Trump's "Make America Great Again" or Biden's much less catchy "Build Back Better" (sorry - but Trump, for his faults,...
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Steve Cox, Independent Candidate for CA-39 | Episode 64

YDHTY is the first to kick-off coverage of the 2022 midterms with Steve Cox - a candidate running as an independent for House of Representatives in California's 39th congressional district. In addition to having extensive and wide-ranging policy positions on his site, VoteForCox.com, Steve also...
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Californians for Electoral Reform | YDHTY - EPISODE 62

Since 1993, Californians for Electoral Reform (CFER) has been working to bring about ranked choice voting and proportional representation to the state, seeing their first victories in Northern California in the late 90's and early 2000's. This week, CFER co-presidents Steve Chessin and Kevin Sabo...
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