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Minority Rule in the US Senate | YDHTY, Ep. 88

The filibuster and Electoral College are often grouped together as institutions necessary to prevent swings in popular opinion having undue influence over federal policy. On the surface, they both seem to fit into America’s unique brand of federalism, where laws governing the whole of the country...
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podcast politics campaign finance reform

The Best Campaign Finance Reform? Remove the caps | YDHTY, Ep 87

Many of the past 86 episodes of YDHTY have been dedicated to railing against America's two party duopoly as the main source of today's polarized political climate. After recording this episode, I may need to issue a few qualifiers to that statement.  Raymond La Raja, Professor of Politics at the...
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podcast electoral reform

What's in H.R. 1? | ElectionBabe Returns | YDHTY, Ep 86

The For the People Act (colloquially known by its very official name, H.R. 1) passed the House on a predictable near-party line vote. To the right, H.R. 1 represents an attack on electoral integrity on the part of a Democratic-led federal government. To the left, the bill represents a response to...
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podcast data privacy

You In Data | Privacy in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism | YDHTY, Ep. 84

In 2018, Americans learned data-analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, micro-targeted millions of voters in the 2016 election with campaign messaging built around specific personality traits, such as neuroticism and openness to new experiences. More surprising, was the fact this information was...
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podcast gerrymandering

Redistricting In Maryland - The Tentacled Horror of Gerrymandering | YDHTY, EP 83

Maryland's 3rd congressional district has been described as everything from a broken-winged pterodactyl to blood spatter at a crime scene. It's a district so egregiously carved, you need a boat to travel across it without crossing into another district (it should be noted the district contains no...
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podcast politics gerrymandering

The Solution to Polarity: Everybody Gets a Gerrymander! | Mattias Polborn | YDHTY, Ep 82

In 2019, a poll done by Georgetown University showed over 80% of respondents were frustrated by the lack of civility among members of Congress and thought compromise should be one of their chief goals. One year later, roughly the same percentage of those in the House of Representatives won...
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podcast politics

How Your Groceries Became Liberal | Bob Talisse | YDHTY, Ep. 81

One of the more unfortunate aspects of today’s polarized political climate has been the destruction of personal relationships over political differences. Social media, once a place where you could reconnect with old friends from school and work, became a place where people cut themselves off from...
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Making America Whole Again | Caleb Paxton | YDHTY, Ep. 80

Believe it or not, most people working in Washington D.C. head there hoping they can change their country for the better. Upon arrival, they find the polarized culture is anything but an accident, and is something that's easier to work around than to fix. Caleb Paxton, after working on the Hill as...
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podcast national debt economy

The Rise of Bitcoin & The Case for a New Global Currency | YDHTY, EP 79

If the riot at the Capitol was a signal of the populist right's mistrust and discontent with the establishment, the recent run up in the price of GameStop's stock by a mob of Redditor's at the expense of hedge funds might be the populist left's. Since September 2020, a group of average investors on...
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podcast politics 2020 election

Bigfoot Does Not Exist | A Scientific Approach to the Issue of Voter Fraud | YDHTY, Ep. 78

With any luck, 2020 will be the year America officially hi peak post-truth, with people's beliefs on who won the most recent presidential election and the best way to combat COVID-19 falling in line with their partisan biases. This is part of a longer trend where science and data have been misused...
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