Believe it or not, most people working in Washington D.C. head there hoping they can change their country for the better. Upon arrival, they find the polarized culture is anything but an accident, and is something that's easier to work around than to fix.

Caleb Paxton, after working on the Hill as a congressional aide, grew tired of this environment and embarked on a project designed to celebrate what he dubbed "wholeness in politics". This project turned into Liberatus, an online and print journal featuring stories from people around the country trying to solve those big problems many go to DC to do.

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Show Notes

Paxton describes Liberatus' mission with the simple sentence, "To become Americans the next generation will love." This mission is guided by three core principles:

  • Community - The inclusion of all voices, regardless of ideology.
  • Contemplation - A will to reflect rather than react to someone's perspective.
  • Creativity - The idea that, when all ideas are on the table, it's easier to pick the best solution.

Liberatus reflects a larger trend of Americans looking to move beyond the divisive tone that's typified politics in recent years. You can support their mission in the following ways: