YDHTY is the first to kick-off coverage of the 2022 midterms with Steve Cox - a candidate running as an independent for House of Representatives in California's 39th congressional district. In addition to having extensive and wide-ranging policy positions on his site, VoteForCox.com, Steve also bears the distinction of being shot to the national spotlight by tweeting his wish that both Biden and Trump die of COVID.

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Originally raised in a Republican household in Southern California, Cox began to move away from the Republican Party after 2000, when George W. Bush's pro-war, pro-deficit form of Republicanism seemed out of line with his beliefs. After drifting to the Democratic party and seeing none of the change he was voting for, Cox came to the conclusion the parties are effectively managing the emotions of the citizenry for the good of the donor class.

Cox's platform is exhaustive, and we only really scratched the surface during our interview. Like the other non-major party candidates who've come on YDHTY, Cox is part of a growing movement of people who've determined America's two party duopoly no longer represents the interests of voters, and is looking to change the system from the outside.

Given his Twitter following of almost 20K, it looks like he's got some company.

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