The debate around critical race theory in America's public schools seemingly centers around one question: Which version of American history should our children learn?

To Amna Khalid, Associate Professor of History at Carleton College, the answer is simple: All of them.

In this episode of YDHTY, we discuss how her upbringing in Pakistan - a country with relatively tight controls on permissible speech - informed her views on the importance of free and open debate, how America's cultural and educational institutions often run against this principle, and how our desire to protect our children from certain viewpoints has robbed us of the opportunity to teach them how to think critically.

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Additional Resources

Additional work by Khalid can be found at

Banished, a podcast that focuses on what happens when works of art are silenced or banned.

A Third Way on the Place of Critical Race Theory in the Classroom, an article Khalid co-authored, and the one that prompted me to reach out to her.